Dear Parents and Carers, It’s amazing how much can be fitted into just one week. The decorated eggs were the best ever with so many joyful expressions of the Carnival theme. Thank you for supporting your children to get these done – I hope it was fun. Decorated Egg winners – Daisy B, Olivia, Mason, […]

Dear Parents and Carers,

It’s amazing how much can be fitted into just one week. The decorated eggs were the best
ever with so many joyful expressions of the Carnival theme. Thank you for supporting your
children to get these done – I hope it was fun.

Decorated Egg winners – Daisy B, Olivia, Mason, Lily, Beatrice, William and Nellie.

Egg shackling made a lively start to the half term, though slightly complicated by the arrival of The
Points West camera crew. I hope you picked up our new name; Yolk St Eggery School. On Saturday morning the school was on the radio again – BBC Somerset – at 10:30am.

Egg Shackling winners – Beatrice, Laila and Lukas.

Year 6 have quietly been taking place in a stunning performance of Peace Child at the Tacchi
Morris Arts Centre with Heathfield School on two evenings last week. We are asked to join in with
this event because of the quality of the music and singing our children can do under the expert
teaching of Mrs Meikle. Congratulations to them all and I hope they will be able to share with us
the message from the performance of how each one of us might contribute to making the world
safe, peaceful and sustainable.
It was nice to see two of the four soloists were former pupils of the school.

Last Thursday the children were involved in making a film for the NHS to be used in leadership
training. I was so proud of the children as they explained their understanding of leadership. I’m
sorry not every child who signed up got to be interviewed, we just ran out of time. The clips will be
made into a film and we will get a copy of this but not for several weeks. The film will be used in
NHS leadership training conferences.

The school council have suggested that we take part in this event. We are going to do this on
Friday 6th March by either dressing as a full book character or coming with a small hint of a
character! Please bring the book your character is from with you on World Book Day to share with
other children during the day.

COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Information
Please note this school will be following guidance from the site noted below.

Wellies and Fields
If children are able to bring a spare pair of named wellies to live in school we will be able to let
them use the field even on winter days – on a rota if there are lots. We have external wellie racks.
Class 1 Welly Walks
If anyone would like to volunteer to come on a Starling class welly walks we would greatly
appreciate it. Please speak to Mrs Manley.
Friday 20th March – Farm trip with Willowset. AM / PM to be confirmed
Weds 25th March – Starling class – afternoon
Weds 1st April – Starling class – afternoon

Parents – Do you have any of the following items available to donate to Starling class to
encourage more open ended, loose part play?
Loose parts – battery operated tea lights, aqua beads, pegs, glass beads/ dragons eyes, pebbles,
shells, nuts and bolts, pine cones, very small logs (wood offcuts), corks, buttons, curtain rings,
twigs/ sticks, conkers, tubes, small pieces of wood, mosaic tiles, coloured fabric, pasta shapes,
paper clips, fake petals, bottle tops, cds, ribbon

VACANCY – MDSA – Lunchtime supervision
We have a vacancy for an MDSA for 3 lunch sessions a week (1 hour a day). Please contact the
office for details if you are interested.

Holidays in school time
I do understand there are many reasons and incentives for wanting to take children out of school
for term time holiday, but it does have a negative impact on their learning and their friendships.
Although most children settle back in and catch up quickly some find it quite hard to get back into
routines after a week away and find friends have re-grouped in their absence. I know you, as
parents, want the best for your children and ultimately it is your decision to make, but please think
about it carefully and balance the downsides with the possible benefits before deciding to take
children out of school. Thank you.


We had a remarkable day just before half term when nobody was late for school. This shouldn’t be news, but it is. If your children arrive after 8:55 they miss the beginning of lessons and have to suffer the awkwardness of walking into a class when everyone else is already sitting down and getting on. Plan to be punctual!


Certificates have been awarded to the following children: 


Starling Jaida, Logan, Emily, Zac
Conker Laila, Alfie
Kingfisher Beatrice, Elsa
Raven  Emily, Bethany, Isaac




12th Feb
Tone 213
Sowey 205
Parrett 187
Well done 


Yours sincerely

Mrs Moorsom




Friday 6th World Book Day event @ School
Friday 6th  FOS Friends Friday film evening  @School 


Tuesday 10th  Lists available to book a parents’ evening appointment   From 8.45am
Friday 13th  Coffee morning  9am -10am
Friday 13th Spring concert Village Hall
Tuesday 17thWeds 18th  Year R-6 Parents’ evening
Friday 20th  FOS Mothering Sunday Stall  During the school day

APRIL 2020

Friday 3rd  Last Day of Spring Term
Monday 20th   Return to School for Summer Term


FOS Update 

Please return your booking forms for film night on Friday 6th March. 

As it is always loved by the children we will again be holding the Mother’s Day stall so that presents can be chosen and purchased by your child. This will take place on March 20th during school. Therefore we would welcome any donations of gifts to be passed to the office.

Looking ahead

We are busy organising the Football and Netball tournament which this year is taking place during Sports Week in May. If any companies would like to sponsor this event which welcomes over 100 competitors and their parents we would love to hear from you.

You can chat to either Danielle, Jo or Debbie or email


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